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Las Vegas, Nevada


Down-home gritty, raw country blues rock, twists & turn jams, classic rock and grateful dead covers


What do you get when you cross a worldwide apocalypse, a few stir-crazy, a few beers, and shenanigans?…..  


**cue the 70’s sexy guitar riff** 


That’s what.


Lead by the bravado and down-to-earth charm of frontman/singer/guitar slinger, “El Jefe” Jeff Orr, with a voice that harkens to the past, the boldest snarl, and fire from the gut, and guitar chops that pay homage to country, blues, funk, rock n’ roll and Jam-Band Freedom of expression, “El Jefe” leads the way with triumphant sounds reminiscent of a bygone era yet fresh and bold.


Driving rhythm a megavolt engine of dueling lefty drummers: Sir Douglas “The Fresh”, laying down back-beat a sured-footed style, &, good ol’ Georgie Boy Henner, with his self-branded percussive power to lift to heavenliest heights. 


Glueing all that rolling thunder to the melody; Mr. Jeff “Free” Barovick, who masterfully crafts that bottom end, keeping all them rascals tied together.


Sporting chords, riffs, and chime: “Super Clarke” Nagle on them ebony and ivories! 


And lastly, The Yin to El Jefe’s Yang is Tim Catching, providing the smooth partnered vocals, silky-guitar-riffery to round out the ferocious growls and the gut punch 6 string fury of the Head Honcho. Timbo’s guitar is ready to set fire to the air, stir up the whirlwind frenzy only made possible by the likes of this Dynamite Band.


Together, these 6 hombres have created a sound that is both nostalgic while being completely unique and fresh. Above and beyond the wonderful music and sound is the true brotherly love these men share and honor. Every show is a celebration of friendship, patriotism, and gratitude for the friends/fans. The Brown Chicken Brown Cowboys love every one of ya, and we thank you for your continued love and support!


 Jeff Orr 

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